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XV Tuner

XV Tuner is a software package consisting of an interface cable and PC software developed to provide owners the ability to load maps, set tuning parameters and diagnose problems within the ECU. The XV Tuner package meets, and in many ways, exceeds the programming capabilities of an authorized Aprilia service center.

Some of the most commonly used features are:

  • Set the MIN and MAX TPS values within the ECU.
  • Adjust Fuel Offset and Idle CO values.
  • Write a different map to the ECU.
  • Read an existing map from the ECU.
  • Reset fault codes in the ECU.

There is no tool more valuable to a mechanic working on a modern motorcycle than a tool that allows access to monitor and modify the inner workings of the ECU. XV Tuner provides all of the needs of such a tool. No longer will you have to question if a particular sensor is functioning correctly or have to return to a service center for fuel adjustments or mapchanges.

XV Tuner software is provided free of charge. In order to use the XV Tuner software you need a XV Tuner Cable. The XV Tuner Cable is the interface between the software and the bikes ECU. XV Tuner and the XV Tuner Cable can be used on all Aprilia XV models with the Walbro ECU-C ECU. XV Tuner and the XV Tuner Cable can be used on all Aprilia XV models with the Walbro ECU-C ECU. This is all SXV’s, and most RXV’s. MY09+ Euro RXV’s, MXV’s use the newer ECU-G. The XV Tuner Cable can be used with the Aprilia software to setup the ECU-G and with an optional adapter the cable can upload to the ECU-G as well, however XV Tuner software will NOT communicate with the newer ECU-G. The XV Tuner package is not locked to one ECU, it can be used on multiple bikes without having to purchase extra “keys”.

Purchasing A XV Tuner Cable

The XV Tuner Cable cost 250 USD, plus shipping. The base shipping is via Canada Post Expedited Parcel, which does not include tracking info. After shipment delivery time to North America is 1-2 weeks, and 2-5 weeks for the rest of the world. Canada Post XpressPost is also available for quicker delivery, and includes tracking info. North America is 30-40 CAN Dollars, rest of the world is 60-80 dollars. If you have any question about XV Tuner please contact me directly via email kwest@westernracingdevelopments.com

CAUTION: There are inherent risks with modifying the parameters within the ECU. Improper setup may lead to engine damage or personal injury. Caution must be taken to ensure that changes being made are safe and understood prior to applying them.

About WRD

Western Racing Developments XV Tuner was developed by Kurt West after he struggled with his local Aprilia dealer to properly service his newly purchased motorcycle. Although Kurt provided proper information on how to set up the ECU the dealer still couldn't get it right. With seemingly no options left, he started work on reverse engineering the ECU protocol via an Aprilia AXONE he purchased off eBay. At first XV Tuner was called XV Toolbox, with input from a knowledgeable group of XV owners it was decided to share XV Toolbox with the public. XV Toolbox became XV Tuner and the rest is history. Over the years XV Tuner has help hundreds of XV owners properly set up their loved Aprilia's.

WRD would like to thank the original group of people that offered their ideas, helped debug and fought with the bugs of the original XV Toolbox. A special thanks go out to Alice Racing, SXVINWA, Amauri, Jim Hubert, Allen Noland and of course AF1 Racing for their great service over the years.